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35mm SLR & Rangefinder
Canon EOS auto focus

Canon FD manual focus
Contax Yashica
SLR Rangefinder


Minolta Systems
Maxxum / Sony auto focus

Minolta manual focus MC & MD
Nikon auto focus
Nikon manual focus
K-mount & compatibles
Screw mount & compatibles
Rollei 35mm
Lenses: Tamron, Adaptall, Adaptall 2 Multi-System
Point and Shoots
Medium Format
Bronica, Rolleiflex, Mamiya
Hasselblad, Yashica, Pentax
Twin Lens Reflex
Large Format
Large Format Lens
Spanner Wrench for large
format lenses, manufactured
by McRill’s Cameras

Studio Lighting & Strobes
Tripods & Accessories
Darkroom Equipment
Miscellaneous Items
Manual Focus Camera
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Please note, we are happy to split camera bodies and camera lenses and sell separately.
We recently increased our inventory significantly! We are working to update the inventory listings.

Please email
if you don't find what you need. We may not have had a chance to list it yet.

McRill's Cameras

We recently increased our inventory significantly!

We are working to update the inventory listings. All of the listed information is out-dated except for the Large Format items.

Customer Want List

We welcome your requests for equipment. (We currently have over 110,000 items most of which are not yet listed online.) We deal in clean equipment, 9.5 and above. We always try to buy and sell at fair prices. Please indicate the price range you are willing to pay. (If you are willing to pay more than our normal price, you will receive our lower price.) We value long-term relationships with our customers and appreciate confident referrals for high-quality gear at fair prices. If you are looking for cheap (price rather than quality being the main concern) "thrashed" user gear, we do not handle it. We only handle what in good conscience we can warranty!

If you wish, we can notify you when/if the item(s) you are seeking comes in. There is no obligation to buy.

  • Please include complete information about the equipment you are seeking. Please note system, (EOS, 4x5, Mamiya RZ67, lighting, etc.) the brand, model, and, if necessary and possible, an accurate description. If you do not know what it is called, give us a description and its use, and we will try to figure it out!
  • Again, as mentioned above, please give us a price range you are willing to pay.
  • Please note your "want/need" time line. For example:
       "I need it NOW to keep working!"
       "I am seriously looking and NEED it soon.
       "Just looking, but if you find it, I'll probably buy it."
       "None of the above! ... What is this NEED stuff, anyway?? I just want it and
        I want it RIGHT NOW!!!"
  • Please indicate the easiest way(s) to contact YOU, e-mail, fax, smoke signal, etc. Some items are in high demand, therefore we contact in the order in which the requests are received.


We invite you to e-mail or call us with your "want list".