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Please note, we are happy to split camera bodies and camera lenses and sell separately.
We recently increased our inventory significantly! We are working to update the inventory listings.

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if you don't find what you need. We may not have had a chance to list it yet.

McRill's Cameras

We recently increased our inventory significantly!

We are working to update the inventory listings. All of the listed information is out-dated except for the Large Format items.

McRill's Products

Spanner Wrench

Fits Copal, Compur, and Seiko #0 and #1 shutter retaining rings. One corner is designed as a tool to unscrew many camera and meter battery covers.

Manufactured in Stainless Steel by McRill's Cameras, $10.00

4" x 4" Lens Boards

For Beseler 23C and 4 x 5 enlargers, and cameras utilizing 4" x 4" lens boards. Powder coated, or available with permanent nylon velour coating on one side to deaden internal reflections.

Manufactured by McRill's Cameras,
Powder Coated, $15.00
Nylon Velour Coating, $18.00

Along with quality cameras and photographic equipment, we also buy, sell and trade accessories including cases, bags, batteries, battery chargers, lens boards, spanner wrenches, etc. Please call with your wants and needs. Realistically, we will never keep up with posting this stuff on the web but are happy to let you know what we have.