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Please note, we are happy to split camera bodies and camera lenses and sell separately.
We recently increased our inventory significantly! We are working to update the inventory listings.

Please email
if you don't find what you need. We may not have had a chance to list it yet.

McRill's Cameras

We recently increased our inventory significantly!

We are working to update the inventory listings. All of the listed information is out-dated except for the Large Format items.

Darkroom Equipment

Planning a Black and White Darkroom?

McRill's can supply you with all you will need to start your basic black and white darkroom or, in most cases, we can provide just those items you seek for your current darkroom.

We recommend that a basic black and white darkroom include the following items:

Enlarger, Carrier(s)
Multicontrast Filters
Trays (various sizes available)
Easel (various sizes available)
Focusing Aid
Developing Tank
Chemical Bottles

For those just getting set up (needing everything), we have provided a Printable Equipment Form. You may use this list to help you plan, compare models, and look at your options while working with McRill's. We listen to your specific needs and assist you in creating a black and white darkroom "package" that works for you! We have color gear too!

Find some specific items below, or contact McRill's.

ITEM CODES: A=Accessory, E=Enlarger, L=Lens, KIT=Darkroom Equipment "Package"





D1100001 Enlarger

Omega Prolab 4x5 variable condenser w/carrier and lens board of  your choice, 9.7

$ 550
D1100002 Enlarger Omega D2-V 4x5 variable condenser w/carrier and lens board  of   your choice, 9.5 $450
D1100003 Enlarger Beseler 23 C w/ carrier and lens board of your choice, 9.6 $225
D1100004 Enlarger Durst CLS 305 w/ color head, carrier and lens board of your choice, 9.8 $185
D1100005 Lens Rodenstock 150, f5.6, Rodagon, 9.9 $275
Lots more enlargers, lenses and darkroom stuff- JUST ASK!!

Price listed is for the specific inventory item described.
Prices are subject to change without notice.